Aluminum Dog Tags: Indigo/Bright Yellow-Cream
Limited Edition Necklace


Aluminum Dog Tag Necklace featuring SHADOWLANDS DESIGN’s bold original artwork.  Luminous & light-weight, with their contemporary material & style, these dog tags are definitely trending. Special dye sublimation techniques on opaque white aluminum produce these unique effects.The perfect gift for someone special or a great treat for yourself.

MEDIUM: Opaque White Aluminum, digitally printed
DIMENSIONS: each dog tag 1.15″ x 2″ x .045″; 30″ gunmetal ball chain
COLOR:  indigo/Bright Yellow-Cream
Made in USA

NOTE: Each piece is uniquely designed with original artwork by SHADOWLANDS DESIGN and custom-printed. Slight variations in size and color may occur due to the custom processes and materials. A piece can take up to 3-4 weeks to complete.

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SHADOWLANDS DESIGN makes useful things that transform the ordinary. Inspired by the timeless landscapes of the Southwest, these cutting edge digital designs are timeless and ageless. Our creations let you transform a mood, change an entire outfit or room, make a bold or subtle statement, join in the latest fashion trends. These pieces are always collectible and make perfect gifts.