Aluminum Cuff: Composite
Limited Edition Bracelet


Aluminum Cuff Bracelet featuring SHADOWLANDS DESIGN’s bold original artwork.  Luminous, light-weight & adjustable, this limited-edition aluminum cuff is a stunning piece for anyone who loves contemporary style and comfort. Special dye sublimation techniques on clear gloss aluminum produce these unique translucent effects.The perfect gift for someone special or a great treat for yourself.

MEDIUM: Clear Gloss Aluminum, digitally printed
DIMENSIONS: 6.625in L. x .5in W. x 0.045in D.
COLOR:  red/indigo
CARE: Each piece is individually handmade, so slight variations in color & shape may occur.
The cuff is adjustable & very flexible; to adjust for your individual fit, warm cuff in your hands, then squeeze sides or expand them till fit is just right for you.
Made in USA

NOTE: Each piece is uniquely designed with original artwork by SHADOWLANDS DESIGN and custom-printed. Slight variations in size and color may occur due to the custom processes and materials. A piece can take up to 3-4 weeks to complete.

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SHADOWLANDS DESIGN makes useful things that transform the ordinary, like these striking aluminum cuff bracelets. SHADOWLANDS DESIGN’s bold wearable art and functional items are inspired by the timeless landscapes Southwestern United States These cutting edge digital designs are created by Santa Fe-based artist/photographer Leah Siegel.  SHADOWLANDS DESIGN hopes you will be delighted with its eclectic merger of Art, Nature and Technology.

Timeless, ageless, sizeless, our creations let you immediately transform a mood, change an entire outfit or room, make a bold or subtle statement, join in the latest fashion trends. These pieces are always collectible and make perfect gifts.