Exciting New Bling Jewelry for the New Era. Still in process of working with the gorgeous crystals on the luminous dye sublimation aluminum pieces that are magic in themselves. All one-of-a-kind, with the addition of the crystals they are totally out of this world! And you will love wearing them!

The bling started making its way into the work as the pandemic continued. I felt we all needed some sparkly to boost our moods, so I have been embellishing some of the dog tags & am moving on to the cuff bracelets, too.

You will soon find them on the website.
If you can’t wait, contact me via email (leah@shadowlandsdesign.com) to arrange an early transaction, before they go viral!

Round bling brooch

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Stay Safe.
Thanks for your support.
Leah @ ShadowlandsDesign